The 24in48 Readathon Kicks Off Tonight!

All you have to do is say the word “readathon” to us and we’re IN! We’ve cleared our calendars, stocked up on snacks, and are ready to spend this wintery weekend reading ALL the books.  The goal of this readathon is to read for a 24 hour period starting at midnight on the 26th until midnight on the 28th. We don’t know if we can read for the full 24 hours but we’re going to do our best!

24in48 tbr

Tanya’s stupidly ambitious readathon TBR pile.

The books I’m going to be choosing from this weekend are:

The Stand by Stephen King: I probably don’t have to summarize this one because it’s a horror classic but here’s a quick one – superflu kills most of the people in the world and the survivors band together for safety. This is a tale of Good and Evil and features the beloved (or much hated?) Randall Flagg. I don’t expect to finish this one this weekend but I’d like to make a dent in it. I’ve been reading it all month and have just about hit the half-way point.

Severance by Ling Ma: This is a quirky, coming-to-adulthood story set in post-apocalyptic NYC in which our main character, Candace, works as a “millenial drone” in her Manhattan office building, not getting out much. As a result she doesn’t notice when Shen Fever sweeps the city, killing all but a few survivors. Her company pays her to stay on as an employee and she soon bands together with a group led by Ben, a “power-hungry IT tech” and must decide if she should stay or flee. I’m always up for a good satire and this sounds fun.

Devil’s Day by Andrew Michael Hurley: This book is hard to summarize. It’s a horror novel about a man, Jonathan, who returns to the farm where he grew up to help his grandfather with the sheep. This year his grandfather has died, however, and Jonathan and his wife must take over his role as the Gaffer, the person who redraws the boundaries of the village every year and is also responsible for keeping the sheep safe from the Devil. Hurley’s last book, The Loney, was terrifying and Gothic and delicious, so I’m really looking forward to reading this one after the sun sets.

The Child by Fiona Barton: This one is apparently the second in a series (whoops!) and is about a reporter who investigates when human remains are found during the demolition of an old house in London. I (obviously) haven’t read Barton’s first book so we’ll see how this goes.

Murder on the Links by Agatha Christie: This is my “safe” book for the weekend. I’ve been feeling under the weather so in the event that I need a comfy re-read I’ll turn to my Agatha Christie.

Karli’s plan is much less unstructured. She just finished up The Stand for our buddy read and plans on picking up whatever catches her eye!

If you haven’t signed up yet, you can register for the readathon at (it’s only necessary to register if you want to be eligible for the awesome prizes they’re giving away this weekend).  You can find the organizers on social media with the #24in48 hashtag if you want to follow along with all of the fun reading sprints and to see everyone’s progress.

Happy reading!

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